DSEAR and ATEX153 Implementation

DSEAR and ATEX Implementation and Consultancy

DSEAR is a UK statutory instrument; companies are legally required to comply so a correct DSEAR implementation is absolutely necessary.  DSEAR covers ‘Flammable Materials and Explosive Atmospheres’ such as flammable solvents, gases, fuel and most dusts.  If you are a new site, or a site that has not implemented DSEAR, then we can take care of all of the work in a turnkey delivery project for a firm cost. Having experts conduct this work can often save a company a considerable amount of unnecessary expenditure (for example, on ATEX equipment that may not have been necessary as the areas need not have been classified). If you are unsure if you have implemented and maintained DSEAR correctly, try our DSEAR gap analysis program as an audit and gap analysis. 

The method of compliance is a fully documented system that covers all aspects of explosion safety (Often called and EPD, Explosion Protection Document). On Completion, the EPD must be signed off by someone who is competent in the field of explosion prevention such as ExVeritas (a UK ATEX Notified Body).
ExVeritas are not ‘health and safety’ consultants, we are a highly accredited technical organisation of professional Engineers who implement DSEAR as core business. We have being doing this for over 20 years and are one of the most credible organisations in this field.

DSEAR Implementation

We have fully implemented and documented DSEAR and ATEX for many sites including all risk assessments, area classification and full procedural documentation. Our team of experts quickly and efficiently build explosion safety measures that meet legislative requirements and minimise ongoing cost or business impact.
We can cover all necessary areas to the necessary depth (which will be determined initially based on the consequence analysis)

In addition to the top level technical skills (and we have some of the most experienced consultants in the UK) we are also a company that provides training and inspection, so we can inspect, or train your people to inspect and deliver the information in our unique cloud based ‘iEX’ DSEAR Compliance Management System.


Benefits of using ExVeritas

ExVeritas is uniquely positioned to assist with implementing DSEAR for potentially explosive atmospheres. Our consultants are DSEAR technical experts and have vast experience in all aspects of explosive atmosphere risk reduction and compliance and focus on delivering cost effective solutions. ExVeritas are a UKAS Accredited Body to EN/IEC60079-14 for Plants. ExVeritas carries both public liability and professional indemnity insurance specifically covering DSEAR activities and explosion prevention.