Complaints & Appeals

Appeals, Feedback & Complaints ProcedureCustomer Comments

Appeals, feedback or complaints can be received using our contact form and type ‘Appeal’, ‘Feedback’ or ‘Complaint’ in the subject line. You may also write, call or e-mail ExVeritas using the details provided on the form. Appeals or complaints can also be made directly to IECEx ( for IECEx related matters, or UKAS ( for general accreditation matters.
All appeals and complaints are forwarded to the Quality Manager, who is responsible for collecting the necessary information to understand the problem. The Quality Manager will contact the person who raised the issue and provide an acknowledgement receipt and planned time for solving the problem.
The Quality Manager is responsible for all activities related to the required actions to resolve the problem and to obtain reasonable client satisfaction at the end of this process. The Quality Manager can designate activities for any ExVeritas employee and these activities are tracked in our Quality System. Where reasonable, the Quality Manager or a designed person shall provide a Root Cause Analysis based on the information collected during the process of resolving the complaint or the appeal. Whenever the Quality Manager considers it necessary following the root cause analysis, corrective or preventive actions shall be undertaken according to our internal quality procedure.
A counter-measure action is always required in any case of complaint or appeal. It can can take the form of a quick correction of the problem or the provision of a clear explanation about the motives for a decision taken in such a way that reasonable client satisfaction is achieved.
Our aim at the conclusion of all activities related to an appeal or an complaint, is that the resulted achievements shall ensure that the client is satisfied with the ExVeritas approach to resolve the problem and that the problem will not recur. Appeals, feedback and complaints are independently reviewed by the Impartiality Committee which provides impartial and independent adjudication where the issues raised can not be resolved between the client and ExVeritas.
All feedback received from customers is considered by the ExVeritas senior management for improvements or for marketing promotions. Feedback can be provided through the ExVeritas website or by e-mail. When senior management consider feedback as negative or that could be implemented as an opportunity for improvement, the Quality Manager is supplied with the details about the customer feedback and a preventive actions process is performed.
In cases involving voluntary withdrawal or surrendering of certification, thereby stopping future audits, notice must be given 3 months before the next audit date or fees will be incurred.