API Q1 Professional 

API Q1 Professional

Specification for QMS Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations

The course covers the entire Q1 Body of Knowledge (BOK), including: scope; exclusion; documentation; organizational resource requirements; contract review, planning, risk management, design & development, contingency, procurement, product realization, calibration, product release, non-conformance’s management of change, internal audits, management review, etc. In addition, this course covers the objectives, intent and application of the elements and has an in-depth review of the controls and requirements associated with risk assessment and management; contingency planning; product quality plans; and management of change. The course covers the five new sections and 85 additional clauses from a manufacturing point of view.

Upon successful completion, participants are granted 4.0 CEUs and a unique registered number which is recognized throughout the industry. This is the highest course available in the petroleum, oil and gas industry for API Q1

Who should attend
This course was designed for operators, manufacturers, critical suppliers and other personnel responsible for manufacturing, global supply chain product, quality performance and reliability. It is also recommended for operators, service providers, external consulting agencies, registrars and independent auditors that work within the Petroleum, Oil and Gas Industry.
Course Content
• API Q1 Specification Body of Knowledge
• Critical Suppliers
• Product Realization
• Contingency Planning
• Competency Expectation
• Management of Change
• Intent & Application of the Service Clause
• Responsibilities and Accountabilities
• Design & Development
• Internal Audits
• Risk Assessment & Management
• Management Review
• Product Quality Plans
• Benefits to Service Provider and Operators
Course Lecturers

Mr Craig Nutty BSc MCQI, has over 17 years’ experience within the oil and gas sector. A chartered quality professional, Craig has an in-depth knowledge of Quality Management, Auditing and Continual Improvement. A WPAG approved trainer, he has delivered Management Systems development, implementation and audit training for many clients globally.
All our lecturers have extensive industry experience with both implementation and application throughout the industry and by government agencies and private institutions.
Training available at client’s facilities by request.
Course Cost & Booking

API Q1 Professional is a 5-day course with lunch and refreshments provided, it costs £2,300 +VAT and can be booked on credit cards or via a company purchase order
We have a comfortable air-conditioned lecture room with HD projectors and audio and up-to-date practical facilities mirroring the requirements of the latest editions of the Standards. We offer hot and/or cold food at lunchtimes and complimentary hot drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi throughout your visit.
Please Contact us to book a place on the Course