Advanced Inspector Certification

Advanced Lead Ex Inspector Certification

This qualification allows Professional Inspectors to demonstrate advanced/lead inspection skills beyond the minimum basic industry qualifications.

The advanced lead inspectors’ certificate is intended to both verify and improve the knowledge, skill and competency of the candidate with regards to the full requirements for inspection and maintenance. This qualification is specifically designed to bridge the “gap” between the core competency level of the inspection modules associated with CompEx Ex02, Ex04 and Ex06, and the CompEx Ex14 Responsible Persons course and IECEx CoCP equivalents.

The Certificate is issued by ExVeritas who are an UKCA Government Appointed Body for ‘Ex’, an ATEX Notified Body and an IECEx Certification Body

Competence Verification

Competence Certification can be issued based on assessment of workplace activities, assessment of workplace projects is quoted individually based on the level and scope of competence to verified. Guidance documents such as UKAS RG-101 are used as a guideline for experience in various industry sectors.

Competence verification is project based and quoted additionally based on the range of competencies to be assessed. Please follow the link for further information.