About Us

ExVeritas are a privately owned and funded group of companies in the UK (ExVeritas Limited), Denmark (ExVeritas ApS) and North America (ExVeritas LLC).

We are not part of a larger organisation so we can deliver faster and more cost-effective levels of service and because we specialise in Explosion Safety (that is the ‘Ex’ in ExVeritas!) we are always focused on what we do.

Companies in the ExVeritas Group have won many awards and accolades, From ‘Business of the Year’ to ‘Best Customer Service’ Awards in the Ex-Industry. ExVeritas in the UK was also awarded the ‘Queen’s Award’ for Enterprise, this is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a company in the United Kingdom.


Confidence in our Services

Explosion safety is highly controlled and regulated in most countries and in most commercial contracts. ExVeritas are both highly accredited and government recognised for that reason. We are Notified in Europe, Government Appointed in the UK and are an accredited IECEx Certification Body and Test laboratory. Our training centres are CompEx Accredited and our ISO9001 issue is ILAC approved for international acceptance.

Our services are all covered by National Accreditation such as UKAS or DANAK and International Accreditation such as IECEx. We deliver highly detailed Technical Reports which can then be used to obtain other international accreditation in countries such as China, Russia Korea, and Japan.


Our customers

We work for some of the largest companies in the world, and plenty of small business as well…. irrespective of your companies’ size or market sector, you will be treated with respect, honesty and understanding. We provide what we believe to be the best technical service available in this field, but you can read our customer comments to see if other agree!