15 minute ‘Ex’ Knowledge Assessment

Take our 15 minute ‘Ex’ Assessment and test your knowledge!

compexThis test has been created to give you an awareness of your current knowledge level on ‘Ex’ equipment. It also helps to get you used to exams if you are about to sit any formal qualifications such as CompEx Exams. Your results are given in 3 grades, Distinction, Pass and Fail, and you will be able to see the average score of other people who have taken the test. The test is completely anonymous and there is no need to register or log in, just click the link below and test your knowledge!

This assessment must be completed in 15 minutes. Click here to take the assessment

Please note that passing this test in no way infers that you will pass the CompEx or any other examinations, it is purely for self-evaluation of your current level of knowledge.

ExVeritas offer a full range of CompEx and Specialist Courses and you can book online. If you have any comments on this test you can contact us for assistance, but if you need full expansions to the answers, you should attend a training course!