Implementing Explosion Safety

Implementing Explosion Safety for DSEAR

Area Classification and Explosion Risk Assessment for DSEAR and ATEX

Course Synopsis
Explosion Safety This 3 day course is designed to provide personnel with the skills to conduct ATEX, DSEAR and Explosion Safety reviews including Area Classification and Explosion Risk Assessment, ascertain plant explosion safety and compliance with ATEX 137, DSEAR and Mandatory Plant Safety. We will teach you not only how to conduct and area classification, but how area classification integrates with explosion protection levels to provide an overall acceptable risk level. This building integrated approach to both classification and equipment selection and mitigation requirements is vital to both project costs and plant safety, as failure to understand the repercussions of classification can be expensive or even fatal. This course is 3 days classroom theory with a marked examination and an option for competence verification.

Why Our Course?
This course is run by an ATEX Notified Body owner and a DSEAR Site Safety Specialists, we have conducted many Area Classification and Risk Assessment projects in most industry types and can relate real word examples and solutions to typical problems. We have the latest tools, software and guides to reference and demonstrate, and many ‘real world’ case studies.

Many area classification courses only teach you what area classification is, not how to do it. When you leave our course, you will know how to calculate zone types and distances for most common situations.

The Presenter
The Area Classification and Explosion Risk Assessment  training  is presented by a Chartered Engineer with 25 years experience in this field. He has previously developed area classification and explosion modelling software and will assure that the course content is relevant and applied with a practical bias.

Target Audience
This course is aimed at safety staff or Health and Safety personal required to conduct area classification and risk assessment for their plant/equipment or consultants/contractors who wish to add area classification and risk assessment to their portfolio.

Cost: £1800 + VAT per person, includes lunch & refreshments

Dates: 18th – 20th July 2017


  • DSEAR, ATEX 137 and International legislation (the legal framework)
  • Introduction: Understanding risk and ignition and leak frequency relationships
  • Explanation of ATEX, NEC and IEC Codes used with Area Classification (Gas and Dust)
  • Dust Explosion Safety
  • IEC/ EN60079-10 IEC/ EN60079-10-1  in detail
  • Area Classification methodologies including fluid dynamics calculations, IP15 and ‘Blanket’ Methods.
  • Examples of software for Area Classification (Quadvent, PHAST etc)
  • Ignition Risk Assessment (EN1127)
  • Hazards Reduction and removal (safety systems, gas detection, people)
  • Explosion Consequence Analysis & Mitigation
  • The Safety Case, QRA, SIL and Failure Analysis
  • Documentation for Compliance (DSEAR EPD examples)

Assessment: A ‘Certificate of Achievement’ is Awarded to everyone who passes the exam (or attendance if no exam is taken).

Competence Verification: Competence Certification can be issued based on assessment of workplace activities, assessment of workplace projects is quoted separately based on the level and scope of competence to verified. Competence verification is project based and quoted additionally based on the range of competences to be assessed.

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