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FlamCal: ATEX and IEC Flammable Properties Application. This ATEX tool allows the user to select a specific gas or vapour to determine the physical properties (temperature class, gas group, explosive range etc.) that will be required for ATEX or IEC equipment selection or area classification.

IntrinsiCal: ATEX and IEC Intrinsic Safety Circuit Evaluation Application. This ATEX Tool will give an indication of the maximum voltage, current and capacitance to use when designing a circuit to be intrinsically safe.

MESGCal: ATEX and IEC Flameproof Design Application. This ATEX tool is designed to provide a designer or an inspector with an indication of the correct maximum safe gap for a ‘Flamepath’.

SILCal: Safety Integrity Level Determination. This application is designed to assist you in the process of determining SIL in accordance with the guidance in IEC 61508. By select event scenarios, a target SIL will be given.

ExVeritas Customer  ‘Pro’ Software

IntrinsiCal Pro: Advanced Intrinsic Safety Analysis.

Advanced Intrinsic Safety Analysis calculates a full analysis for a resistive circuit with mixed capacitance and inductance including safety component ratings.

Intrinsic Safety DSD Pro: Intrinsic Safety System Drawing Generator.

Select Barriers, Cable and Equipment from drop down menus and this software will conduct all the necessary calculations (including the new <1% rules) and generate a full report and DSD drawings.

ExMechCal Pro: Ex Non-Electrical Risk Assessment Tools.

A range of useful tools for non-electrical analysis including physical impact, rotating speeds and L10 bearing calculations.

SILCal Pro: Functional Safety and Failure Mode Assessment Tools.

Generates failure rate calculations (such as MTBF) based on flow chart input (AND/OR) from a database of failure rate data (editable/selectable).

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iEx inspection is available by direct download

ExVeritas are a UKAS Accredited ATEX Notified Body, IECEx Certification Body and CompEx Certification Centre. ExVeritas also offer full DSEAR/ATEX 137 safety services including our unique ‘iEx’ Software which offers a complete cloud based DSEAR/ATEX 137 EPD and Ex equipment Inspection Management System.