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ATEX Tools BannerFlamCal: ATEX and IEC Flammable Properties Application
This ATEX tool allows the user to select a gas or vapour to determine the physical properties that may be required for ATEX or IEC equipment selection or area classification. Hundreds of common flammable gases are available for selection and the properties calculated include: ATEX and IEC gas group & temperature classification, Flashpoint, UEL and LEL, ignition temperature and lighter or heavier than air indication for area classification.

IntrinsiCal: ATEX and IEC Intrinsic Safety Circuit Evaluation Application
This ATEX Tool can give an indication of the maximum voltage, current, capacitance and inductance to use when designing a circuit to be intrinsically Safe for a selected gas sub-group (IIA, IIB or IIC). This tool will quickly give an indication of the maximum permissible current for a given voltage (or visa-versa), or the maximum safe levels of capacitance or inductance etc.

MESGCal: ATEX and IEC Flameproof Design Application
This ATEX tool is designed to provide a designer or an inspector with an indication of the correct maximum safe gap for a Flamepath. By inputting the joint type, enclosure volume and gas group, the MESG (or other joint details such as number of threads or depth of cement) will be provided.

SILCal: Safety Integrity Level Determination
This application is designed to assist you in the process of determining SIL in accordance with the guidance in IEC 61508. By select event scenarios, a target SIL will be given. The download version can print files for recording assessment.

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